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    Control parameters file

    This is an extended version of file tests/ctrl-params-commented.xml provided in ADAGE tarball. Follows a description of the available tags, and their meaning.


    <submission_method name="oarsh"/>

    This is the command used to contact the remote nodes to spawn the script. Valid values are ssh, rsh and oarsh. The corresponding submission service has to be available in resource description.


    <transfer_files method="oarcp" type="cfg,lib,exe" binlib_in_commondir="true" destdir="scratch" />

    This tag configures how, where and which files are transferred on the remote nodes.

    • method is the command used to contact the remote node when launching the satellite, valid values are scp, rcp and oarcp. The corresponding transfer service has to be available in resource description.
    • type keyword controls the type of file to be transferred, valid values are a comma-separated list of the following keywords : cfg, lib, data, exe and so. At the moment, support for lib/so keywords are not implemented in plugins. if this value is not set, the default is cfg,data,exe.
    • binlib_in_commondir controls the fact that each libraries/binaries are transferred only once on each node, in $base/lib and $base/bin instead of transferring them once in the run directory of each process. This keyword is optional, by default it is set to false, but it's a good idea to set it to true. PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH are set accordingly when using it.
    • destdir controls whether the base run directory will be located in a local directory of the node (scratch, the default, generally /tmp) or on a nfs-shared directory (shared).


        <env name="LD_LIBRARY_PATH" value="/opt/usr/lib/" action="add"/>
        <env name="noORBtraceLevel" value="10" action="set"/>

    Using this tag, you can set/add values to environment of your processes, the values are set just before launching them (and only at this moment). If action is add, the new value will be added before already existing variable separated with ':' (e.g. PATH=newval:$PATH).


     <plugin name="CCM" file="ctrl-ccm.xml"/>
     <plugin name="JUXMEM" file="ctrl-juxmem.xml"/>

    This optional tag permits to link a specific ctrl parameter file to a plugin, used for plugin-specific configuration values.


    <planner mode="random"/>

    This tag permits to control the planner type. Possible values are 'RR' (round-robin style) or 'random' to use the simple planner or one of the 'h_*' values (cf xsd/ctrl_params.xsd) to use Benjamin Depardon's heuristic planner. The planner controls the association between the process group instances listed in generic description with the compute nodes listed in resources description.


    <launch_window size="20"/>

    This optional tag sets number of remote contact commands to launch in parallel (i.e. with the example, we won't launch more that 20 ssh commands, we will wait that some commands have finished to launch the remaining ones). Don't change/set it if you don't know what it does.


        <!-- associate all instances of process group named 'h2' on node 'node02' -->
        <associate id="h2" id_type="exact" match_type="exact" match="node02"/>
        <!-- don't associate instances of process group matching name 'h*' with nodes matching name 'clust1*' -->
        <unassociate id="h" id_type="pattern" match_type="pattern" match="clust1"/>

    This optional tag permits to set placement constraints, used to force a process group to be located on a node or a group of nodes.

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