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    When Adage is used in daemon mode, it is sometimes useful to be able to retrieve information stored in the plugin, like the IOR of the components. Hence, the CCM plugin sets up a CORBA object to be directly accessible from the outside of Adage.


    Let first present the interface of the CORBA object set up by the CCM plugin:

    module Adage_Plugin_CCM
      struct componentInfo
        string id;
        string ior;
      typedef sequence<componentInfo> componentInfos;
      interface ccm_adage
        void helloWorld();
        string getString();
        componentInfo getComponentInfo();
        componentInfos getComponentInfos();

    How to retrieve the IOR of the CCM ADAGE object

    The IOR of the ccm_adage CORBA object is dumped in the Adage rundir. It depends on the selected listener:

    • CommandLine: in the current working directory
    • TcpSocker: in the adage rundir, of the form /tmp/user_login/adage-rundir-adage-pid. It can be retrieved with the command getadagedir that returns a string of the form “Ok, dir: +adage_rundir.

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