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    CCM Plugin Supported Features

    Component Assembly

    • component assembly: all
    • componentfile: only file in archive (but in fact its file in dir)
    • componentinstantiation: registercomponent not supported
    • componentproperties: see componentfile
    • componentsupportedinterface: not supported
    • connectevent: not supported
    • connecthomes: not supported
    • connectinterface: support of providesport only
    • connections: only connectinterface
    • consumesport: not supported
    • destination: ignored
    • destinationhome: not supported
    • emitsport: not supported
    • executableplacement: supported.
    • findby: not supported
    • homeplacement: supported but homeproperties, destination and all register* tag
    • homeproperties: not supported
    • hostcollocation: supported but impltype and destination
    • partitioning: supported
    • processcollocation: supported but impltype and destination
    • providesport: supported but findby
    • proxyhome: not supported
    • publishesport: not supported
    • registercomponent: not supported
    • register*: not supported
    • usesport: supported but findby. Extended with an attribute to know if simplex or multiplex
      <!ATTLIST usesport
      type (simplex|multiplex) "simplex">


    • choices: not supported
    • defaultvalue: not supported
    • properties: only simple supported
    • range: not supported
    • simple:
      • supported type: boolean, double, short, long, string
      • not supported: char, float, objret, octet, ulong, ushort
    • sequence: not supported
    • struct: not supported
    • valuetype: not supported

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