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    A meta-application is a simple concept in Adage: it wraps together various applications using different programming models and middlewares, as if they were launched independently by Adage, but adds the possibility to exprime links and relations between parts of the different applications.

    Describing a Meta-application

    Examples are provided in Adage svn. A meta-application consists of:

    • a list of links to each specific description we want to aggregate in a single generic description (this can also include a link to another meta-application)
    • eventually some launch-time dependencies between these applications
    • and eventually some directory-collocation constraints
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!DOCTYPE META_application>
    <META_application xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../../src/plugin/meta/META_application.xsd">
    <specific path="juxmem-overlay.juxmem"/>
    <specific path="master-worker.cad"/>
    <specific path=""/>
    <dependency deptype="appl-acked" what="CCM_master-worker.cad_">
    <dircolocation pg_id="CCM_master-worker.cad_worker_home" collocate_with="JUXMEM_juxmem-overlay.juxmem_worker/JUXMEM_juxmem-overlay.juxmem_worker_p" />

    The previous example ties together a DIET hierarchy, a JuxMem overlay, and a CCM component assembly.

    The <dependency> tag forces Adage to deploy JuxMem overlay _before_ CCM component assembly, and the <dircolocation> tag forces the process group with the id “CCM_master-worker.cad_worker_home” to be launched in the same directories as the processes in the process group “JUXMEM_juxmem-overlay.juxmem_worker”. This is intended for multi-middleware processes, for which we need configuration from multiple plugins. By the way, the process group have to run on the same node in this case (or share this directory with NFS), you can force it using <collocate> tag in control parameters file.

    Dependencies can be more finely tuned, you can specify that a process group from one application must be launched only after an other process group from another applications has been launched, etc.. contact us for more information on how to use these features.

    The unique identifiants generated here by plugins for applications should (CCM doesn't) follow this scheme: “'Appl type'_'Appl file name'_”

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